"I have had Alzheimer's now for the past two years plus. There's nearly as many of us as there are cancer sufferers, and it looks as if the number of people with the disease will double within a generation. It's a shock and a shame to find out that funding for research is 3% of that which goes to find cancer cures."

- Terry Pratchett OBE, Patron, Alzheimer's Research Trust

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

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Match It For Pratchett: Wear The Lilac - May 25th
It is a tribute to the Terry Pratchett's writing skills and his friendly attitude to fans that he has inspired not only Match It For Pratchet but a second campaigns to raise money Alzheimer's. In Nightwatch, the men who fought...

Lilac - Symbolism Wiki

Lilacs are purple flowers that are associated with the Language of Flowers. This flower is a symbol of the emotions of early love.

Terry Pratchett - UK Website : Homepage

Terry Pratchett - UK Website. UK website of the award winning author of the Discworld series

Memorable Icons Entries
Premade icons.

Wear The Lilac: Alzheimers Awarness- 25th May! | Forum | Gaia Online
A forum discussion about Wear the Lilac

Alzheimer's Research Trust - The leading UK research charity for dementia

Alzheimer's Research Trust is the leading charity funding UK research into the cause, cure, treatment and prevention of Alzheimer's disease and related forms of dementia including Lewy Body disease, vascular dementia and fronto-temporal dementia.0 points

How do they rise up?
Livejournal community.

Negotiable Affections
Fan blog.

The Seamstress Guild
Fan community.

The Glorious 25th of May on Tumblr

Glorious Revolution - Discworld & Pratchett Wiki

A summary of the revolution on the L-Space Wiki.

The People's Revolution of the Glorious Twenty-Fifth of May ended the increasingly tough reign of Lord Winder. Tension had been rising, and while the nobility arranged a quiet succession by Lord Snapcase in the background, the people on the streets started a revolution and attacked Watch Houses all over the city.

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